Shetland Wool

The Finest of All Native Breeds

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Natural Wool

Shetland Fleeces

Shetland Sheep are noted for their very soft and well crimped fleece. The wool is the finest of all native breeds with the softness of silk, the strength of cotton and the warmth of wool.

Due to their wide variety of colours and markings a range of naturally coloured yarns can be produced. This eliminates the need for dyeing and therefore retains the soft feel of the natural fibre and is favoured by those who prefer a natural approach.

The average staple length of the fibres are 3.5 inches with a lovely crimp that provides bounce in knitwear.

There is no end to the variety of  excellent items you can make from Shetland wool.

Drop Spindle
Raw Fleece

Beautiful Raw Fleeces

Shetland wool is very versatile and fun to work with. Soft crimp fleeces come in a variety of natural colours, are wonderful to process and are suitable for a variety of crafts. Whole and part raw fleeces are available to purchase at shearing time.

Raw to Carded

Washed Carded Wool

Shetland fleece can be handspun straight from the fleece or made into rolags. It can also be worsted spun by hand, used on a peg loom or handwoven. Shetland wool produces a lovely soft carded wool ready to spin or for felting amongst other uses.

Needle Felting

Hobbies and Crafts

Shetland wool can be used for a variety of hobbies and crafts. It is suitable for using for felting wet or dry. A variety of natural coloured eco-friendly products can be produced. Any remnants can be used in the garden or lining hanging baskets.

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Wool Products for Crafting

Raw Wool Fleeces

Raw Fleeces

Raw Fleece
Variety of Natural Colours
Soft Crimp
Available Whole or Part
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Shetland Wool Batts

Washed Carded Wool

Lovely Soft Carded Wool
Variety of Natural Colours
Ready to Spin
Suitable Hobbies and Crafts