Sheep Dog Training

Sheep Dogs are an essential tool for shepherds to help manage their sheep

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Kay Portrait

Having Some Fun

Getting Started

After retiring from the professional world of horses and showing Andy and Tina decided to look towards having a bit of fun. After owning border collie dogs for many years, just as pets, they thought that getting a puppy and training it for sheep dog trialing would be just that.

They started with a training day to learn the basics. Then researched into a border collie pup. Good working parents and good trial parents would be a start but not guaranteed. A few months later the new addition ‘Kay’ was to become more of a challenge than first realised.

It was a steep learning curve and like all new adventures the more they learnt the more they realised they were only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Get Some Coaching

The Best In The Business

Tina sought the help and coaching of Julie Hill, one of the most successful sheep dog trainers in the UK, winning the ISDS International Supreme Champion in singles and brace competition.

With Julie’s training technique using the dogs own language, the natural way and methods of pressure release Tina was finally getting to grips with Kay.

Tina’s experience in the horse world stood her in good stead transferring her skills to the dog world.

Training progressed, Tina learning as Kay was learning and realising that reading sheep was also required, never mind trying to learn to blow a whistle!

Kay Sheep Dog Lying in Wait
Belle Sheep Dog Training

Essential Tools

Manage Your Sheep

Through Julie’s training and an understanding behind the use of sheep dogs on the hill it gave Tina a better understanding into training both the working dog and the trial dog.

Sheep dogs are an essential tool for shepherds to manage their sheep. A good dog is said to be equivalent of four people.

Tina has now trained Kay to be a helpful sheep dog around the yard with their small flock of shetland sheep as well as helping a local farmer with their sheep on the hill.

This gave Tina the experience to be ready to start trialing, but due to COVID and lockdown trialing was very limited. They managed to get to 3 nursery trials, entering as a new handler.

Belle Out running in the Snow

The Project Continues

A great start. In the meantime the project continues and “Belle” has joined the team. One of Julie’s breeding she is proving to be a totally different dog to Kay.

Kay Sheep Dog Trialing

Ready for Trialing

In growing the pack, the flock has also grown. Tina has acquired some mule ewe lambs to continue with Kays education as Belle starts her training on the well dogged shetland sheep.

Kay, Jill and Belle, The Pack

Growing The Pack

The next addition “Jill” is an older more experienced trial dog. Tina is hoping to gain open trial experience to help cointinue her development in both sheep dog training and trialing.