Shetland Sheep

A small flock of Shetland sheep ideal for sheep dog training

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Black Shetland lamb

Our Investment

Choosing Sheep

Tina and Andy have invested in a small flock of shetland sheep, both for helping in the training of the sheepdogs and for breeding and producing meat.

Shetlands are small, fine-boned sheep that have adapted over the years to the tough conditions on the Shetland Isles.

They are a quiet easily managed breed that respond well to a dog making them ideal for training young sheep dogs.

Breeding to a top quality registered purebred ram they produce delicious lean meat.

Shetland Meat

Hogget Meat Boxes

This hardy British breed will live and thrive outside and make excellent mothers. They are also able to produce prime lambs of lean quality meat with superb flavour and fine texture.

As with other primitive breeds Shetlands tend to store much of their body fat around the organs rather than solely in the muscle. This results in far leaner meat than modern breeds.

Grass fed hoggets are between 15 and 18 months old. They can be cooked as lamb making the most delicious roast.

Due to the seasonal nature, these shall only be available for a limited time by pre-order only.

Hogget Meat Boxes
Coloured Sheep Fleeces

Shetland Wool

Naturally Coloured Fleeces

Shetland Sheep have been noted for very soft and well crimped fleece. The wool is the finest of all native breeds and comes in a variety of colours and markings, from which a range of naturally coloured yarn can be produced.

This eliminates the need for dyeing and therefore retains the soft feel of the natural fibre.

Various colours of fleece and part processed wool can be purchased.

Sheep Dog training

Training Sheep

It is necessary to have suitable sheep to help with training the border collie to become a sheep dog.

Shetland sheep are ideal for this, as they are small, quiet friendly sheep. They are easily “dogged” to help with starting a young dog.

They are also responsive and move easily making them ideal for continuing the dogs education.

Starting a young dog correctly is very  important and is therefore imperative that this process is a pleasant experience.

Shetland sheep are a great help with this process.

Belle Sheep Dog Training