About Us

Versatility is Our Strength

A New Dawn

In the Beginning

How  We Got Started

Tina started her career with horses over 30 years ago. Her love of the Arabian horse led her to produce horses as a full time business and thus “Aklah” – The versatile Arabian was born.

For nearly 20 years Tina and Andy have developed and evolved Aklah on their 15 acre small holding near Malton. Surrounded by the Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire moors amid the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, they have grown their hobbies and passions into a lifestyle.

Although now retired from producing horses professionally Tina still offers her expertise to help and tutor with freelance coaching.


Transferring Skills

With more time available, Tina and Andy have diversified into other fields. Tina is transferring her expertise and skills in the horse world into the sheep dog training world as she learns to train border collies.

Her young dog ‘Kay’  is now competing in trials, and ‘Belle’ has started her training on sheep.

Shetland Lamb

The Flock

Shetland Sheep

Tina and Andy have invested in a small flock of shetland sheep, which will help towards sheep dog training, and will be used for breeding to grow the flock. The shetland sheep will be grown organically year on year.

As well as using them to help with the training of sheep dogs, Tina and Andy will look forward to producing high quality meat, fleeces, wool and other products.



Over the last couple of years Tina has been taking occasional time out and has been developing her photography skills. Planning locations dates and times, as well as weather watching, to photograph the beautiful settings in and around the Yorkshire countryside.

Mainly landscape photography with on the odd occasion her sheep and dogs. Tina has created some fine art prints which are available to purchase, turning her hobby into a business.