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Shetland Sheep in the Snow

Our flock of

Shetland Sheep

Aklah’s free range grass fed Shetland flock born and raised on our small holding in the shadow of the Howardian Hills.

This hardy British breed thrive outside all year round. They are bred for the high quality wool, finest of any British breed and provide far leaner meat which is full of flavour with fine texture.

Shetland sheep have a  good natured temperament making them easy to manageme and suitable for helping to train our sheep dogs.

Border Collies

Sheep Dog Training

The Border Collie is a highly intelligent athletic dog mainly associated with their traditional work of herding livestock.

Once trained they are more commonly referred to as Sheep dogs and are an essential tool for shepherds to manage their flock.

After owning Border Collie dogs for many years as pets, Tina now trains them to work with sheep and compete in the sport of Sheep Dog Trials.

Border Collie Sheep Dog Kay
Cascade Waterfall

Enthusiastic Hobbiest


With a little more time on her hands it became apparent to Tina that landscape photography was her calling.

Landscape photography is the art of capturing the beauty of nature and the essence of the great outdoors.

There are many natural beautiful places in and around Yorkshire and the North Yorkshire Moors, “Gods own country”.  Inspired by these Tina has an ever growing portfolio of images and prints.

Horse Trainer

Freelance Coach

Tina started her career with horses over 30 years ago. Her love of the Arabian horse led her to produce horses as a full time business and thus “Aklah” – The versatile Arabian was born.

Tina has been a professional producer of Ridden Arabian Horses with experience and knowledge in the backing, schooling and training of top class performance horses.

Tina has professionally produced and turned out Ridden Arabian Horses to international standard and can help you to achieve your goals.

Storm Gold at Horse of the Year Show